Who We Are & What We Do

2nd July 2018

Who We Are & What We Do

Hey, my name is Caroline Olsen, better known as Caz. I am the owner of Through the Looking Glass Studios which is based in Manchester. We’re a creative photography studio with a range of services from newborn and family photography to pets and products. What makes us different from other photography studios is our vibrant colours and our fun and chilled atmosphere.

I have been in the photography industry for over 10 years (wow, that makes me sounds old) and after being made redundant for the second time I decided it was time to open up my own photography studio. My main goal was to break the stereotype of photographers providing low quality photographs and bad service for crazy prices. I love making pretty things, making people feel special and giving them an experience to hold onto.  It was a big step for me to open my studio, but it has been the best career choice I ever could have made. I feel so lucky to be doing what I love. I’m the head photographer and owner of a studio that I own, I’m free to be as creative as I can with each and every client and I get to work with one of my closest and most talented friends.

Hello, I’m Sara Fisher, yes without a H. I’ve been working with Caz for 3 years and from the start we’ve been a dream team. When Caz asked me to work for her after we’d both been made redundant I couldn’t say yes quick enough, I knew how well we worked together. When I’m not assisting Caz in the studio I’m at the computer retouching images, we keep all of our editing natural to make your images pop. Because there’s only two of us nothing gets missed and my creative ideas are allowed to flourish. Through the Looking Glass Studios is all about the clients and their time with us, I love getting to know people and making them smile.

We’re writing this blog for everyone who wants to get to know us and anyone who is interested in creative photography, to give you guys an inside look into Through the Looking Glass Studios. Get to know us before you meet us, find out our top-secret tips for photography and editing or get the first look at our new creative ideas. If you want to know what you should wear for your photographs or you don’t know how to take a good photo on your iPhone, we’ll happily throw in our two cents.

Through the Looking Glass Studios was inspired by the wacky world of Alice in Wonderland and we’re entirely bonkers …but all the best people are.

We’re going to post a new blog every second Friday of the month. We love hearing your opinions so feel free to throw all of your blog ideas our way!

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