Top 10 Tips to Get Those Natural, Award-Winning Smiles From Your Kids…

9th March 2019
  1. Compliment them on their best qualities and watch them glow -You’re the most fantastic twirler I’ve EVER seen! 🤩


  1. Ask them about their favourite animal/colour/shoes/dinosaur …All of their favourite things are now your favourite things!


  1. Achoo! Not too sure why but babies love a sneeze. Just be careful about whiplash!


  1. Play peekaboo and act SUPER shocked when they appear. 🙀


  1. Ask them to jump as high as they can or do the loudest roar possible – let them show off their skills!


  1. Tell them you’re going to tickle their toes or their belly or their chin …or all three!


  1. Ask for high five and then act as if it was the strongest, most powerful high five everrrrr!


  1. Who’s the tallest? Who’s got the smelliest feet? Sibling rivalry works wonders on winning a few smiles.


  1. Talk to them as if they’re an adult. Babies especially love a chin-wag about the weather.


  1. Be ridiculous! Make fart noises, pull silly faces, dance along with them! If you’re having fun, they’re having fun!

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