Roll Up! Roll Up! Brand New Paint Photo Shoots

25th August 2018

We want to introduce you all to our brand-new Paint Photo Shoots!

Exclusively for adults our Paint Photo Shoots are an exhilarating, confidence boosting experience.

Why should kids have all the fun? We want adults to get messy, get wild and show their real self with a splash of colour.


When you decide to book a Paint Photo Shoot with us you receive a range of creative and bold images. Bring your own paint or use ours, make your experience unique to you. It’s your shoot, have it your way. Whether it’s just on your face or your whole body, we can’t wait for you to see yourself as a piece of art.

We loved this idea so much that we even jumped in front of the camera ourselves and now those images are up in our homes. We’re so surprised that no other photography studio (that we’ve seen) has done this before! Get it here first!


We first announced our new shoots on the 23rdAugust and we received our first booking on the very same day. We’re excited for Nikki to come into the studio and go crazy. Hopefully she’ll sign a Portrait Release, so we can show you all the end result! (Fingers crossed)

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