“Never work with animals or children” – W.C. Fields.

19th September 2018

This is the number one statement we hear from our clients. Whether it’s a child having a sleepy tantrum or a puppy chewing our shoes, we’re used to it. As a Portrait Photography Studio, our aim is to capture those precious moments regardless of the chaos behind the scenes.


From our opening in August 2016, we quickly became acquainted with many babies and pets. Our Portrait Sessions can last up to 2 hours, this is so that it is a relaxed environment for everyone involved. With over 17 years’ experience on the team, we like to think we know what we’re doing around a camera and so we’ve learnt a few tricks of the trade.


Pets are a part of the family and we love showing off their individual personalities. To ease animals into the new environment of our studio we give them enough time to have a good nosey around. We come prepared by hiding any nooks and crannies they might be interested in and welcoming them with plenty of cuddles. We suggest owners bring their favourite toys and treats to keep their furry babies happy. Dogs tend to be either treat or toy orientated, this means we have to be ready for anything.


Our youngest clients are newborn babies who are only days old. To keep a brand-new bundle of joy happy we have to make sure the temperature of our studio is warm enough to make them feel comfortable. That means all radiators and heaters are blasting. Those beautiful naked shots require a lot of attention but accidents do happen – don’t worry, we’re prepared. We’re kitted out with plenty of toys, props and even funny voices to keep their time with us fun.


Our clients have said that we have the patience of a saint, but we only have that patience because we love what we do. Those little accidents make the memories we want to capture, that’s why the experience is key.  

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