Family Photo Shoot Sessions

12th February 2019

We give you guys up to 2 hours for your Family Photo Sessions. This is because in the past I have worked in four different photography studios and I like to think of them as fast food photography. At one studio, I was given up to 15 minutes to shoot bonny babies and capture those tear-jerking photographs –I was so good at this that one company even begged me to return after I’d left. Little time was spent getting to know the families and there was barely any time to soothe the baby. I always felt that the family was rushed, it didn’t feel personal enough. I always told myself when I opened my own studio, something had to change.

At Through the Looking Glass Studios, my studio, 2 hours is more than enough to create those awesome shots and have a fab experience. I give you time for a brew, a chat and even snack time. Being a model is hard work! We say up to 2 hours, you may only need to be with us for 30 minutes to capture all those amazing shots and that’s ok too. You’ve got up to 3 outfit changes and the last thing you want is your shirt on backwards …take your time, chill. There’s no fast food photography here folks!

I want you to feel like you’ve stepped into your best mate’s house, comfy and welcome. I feel that it really shows in your photographs when you’re comfortable in the studio and with us. I love getting the whole family involved, even the grumpy teenager who has just woken up. Family Photo Shoots are one of my favourites because I know the finished images are going to be up on the wall forever.

Looking forward to meeting all of your families…


Caz x


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